After an unplanned hiatus, we’re back with more Shaw Brothers and Spaghetti Western goodness!!! On this episode, Patsy the Angry Nerd and I discuss the films 10 Tigers of Kwangtung from 1980, and The 5-Man Army from 1969.

In 10 Tigers, the Venoms are back in a complicated story that moves between past and present and details the origins of the Chinese legend of the 10 Tigers from Kwangtung! Great cinematography and fighting as always, and we had a hilarious time dissecting this film!

In the 5-Man Army, Peter Graves stars as a man who puts a team together for an almost impossible mission of robbing gold from a heavily guarded train. Bud Spencer co-stars and it’s great seeing these guys team up!!

So check out these great films and come back for our discussion!

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