Hey folks! We’re announcing a new podcast, The Cult Movie Lounge! Hosts Re-Gor and award-winning blogger, Robert Monell, have come together to create a new show dedicated to cult films of all kinds!

We’ll be discussing the alternative universe of cult movies. From Hong Kong Martial Arts films to European spy movies, from bizarre Grade B Film Noir to the films of director Jess Franco and more, we’ll be scouring the strange planet of Cult Movies. This episode, we’ll be discussing what the show is all about, what a “cult movie” actually is, and Robert will have a special review of a Jess Franco Blu Ray!

Join us for what’s going to be a fun new series!!

Re-Gor can be found at: www.havenpodcasts.com

Robert Monell can be found at: www.robertmonell.blogspot.com

Send your feedback to: havenpodcasts@gmail.com