Supernatural Rundown

Episode 14 Mannequin 3 The Reckoning written by Nicole Snyder and Eric C Charmelo, directed by Jeannot Szwarc.  A middle-of-the-road episode with a few tweaks to Supernatural conventions and character moments.  Next week’s episode sounds a bit more interesting as with Sam and Dean being transported to a world in which they are actors on a TV show based on their lives.

The aforementioned-titled Mannequin 3 starts off like a typical episode of Supernatural, a man is killed by something unseen and there’s a hanging anatomy model in the room moving its eyes.  Sam and Dean begin investigating per usual as their FBI alter-egos, their supernatural spidey senses tingle and the hunt begins.  Quickly, the pieces start coming together. A ghost is seeking revenge…what else do ghosts do best?  The episode gets better with the sprinkling in of the ongoing Dean dilemma of work versus family. Dean answers a call from Lisa except it’s from Ben.  Ben says that Lisa is acting weird and insists that only Dean can help.  Dean is convinced so Sam and Dean split up.  Undertones of the push-pull relationship of Sam and Dean surface compounding the tension between the brothers.  Dean shows up to help his “family” and unless Lisa was going on a date with a werewolf,  Dean say they were parent-trapped.  Dean and Ben have a father-son talk and it’s Ben who points out that Dean has double standards when it comes to family, one for Sam, and one for Lisa and Ben.  Meanwhile, Sam stops a second murder by a mannequin wearing the clothes of the now Ghost.  We find out that the Ghost has a living sister and the motive for murder unravels. A group of male co-workers of the dead sister had pranked her, an accident happened and we have a recipe for revenge Hazzar.  Sam recovers the bones of the victim and burns them.  It’s a wrap, right?  Not so as it’s only the 38-minute mark.  Intriguing.  The co-worker Sam has just saved from the possessed-clothes mannequin heads home to the best part of the episode.  The man’s significant other, a Real Doll (google it), turns to him and of course, his luck has run out.  Hold on, hold on…bones were burned.  OK,  the ghost must be tied to something else.  Nothing new in the world of Supernatural but curiosity is peaked.  Sam and Dean,  returning from reality, run down everything with the sister.  All of the dead sister’s possessions have been done away with, but then Sam realizes that the sister has been everywhere the ghost has turned up.  What does the living sister have of the dead sister?  Something she can’t live without…her kidney.  Before Sam and Dean can figure out what to do, the Impala is possessed by the Ghost.  Now, the saddest part of it all is that Dean tricks the Ghost to drive his beloved Impala into a building.  It works, everything goes quiet and we see the sister has a massive shard of glass sticking into her and her kidney.  The dead sister appears and says good-bye.  The episode ends on a touching character moment between Sam and Dean. Overall, a standard Supernatural episode with a few pivotal highlights.