Greetings, Fiendish Friends!! In this time of social distancing and staying home, Jupiter Media is proud to announce that we’re coming up with tons of great stuff for you to read, listen to, and watch to help overcome your boredom! We will be running the gamut of the pop culture genres, from horror to sci-fi to kung-fu and westerns; from psychotronic to cult, bizarro to phantasmagoric and anything and everything we can jam in! We’ve got several things in the works:

Already have we unleashed Scary Stories upon the world with several more videos in the works. Coming up this week will be the return of Then Is Now Podcast with a re-posting of Episodes 1-4 (and 1A), with new episodes in production right now. Then Is Now Blog is also returning this week with new postings discussing pop culture of the past and how it relates to the present!

This week will also see the premiere of The East Meets The West Podcast where we discuss and explore the history of Shaw Brothers movies and Spaghetti Westerns! Also, Cinema Enigmatico is coming, but it’s getting a makeover: instead of a podcast it’s going to be a videocast (so there will be a week delay for that premiere)! Plus, Ed’s Monsters and Memories is coming back with all-new content! And don’t forget our Retro TV Guide Scans and Insomniac Drive-in Facebook pages!! And much, much more!!

And finally, we’ve put a link up to our friend and contributor, Spency Domepiece, so be sure to check out his YouTube page, found in our links section on the right!

So stay tuned folks and be prepared to enjoy Jupiter Media’s productions!