Ashes and Patsy the Angry Nerd return to our 2022 event, 13 Days of Hallowtober, to discuss another fun vampire
In this episode of our 2022 13 Days of Hallowtober special we cover a film and its remake: Fright Night!
Mexican horror expert and member of The B-Movie Cast, Juan Ortiz, is back as we delve into another Mexican vampire
“Cool people never die.” That’s the apt tag line from the film Only Lovers Left Alive from 2014, which is
Get ready to sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, and never die as Spency and My-Kill join
Juan Ortiz from The B-Movie Cast joins me as we go south of the border and delve into the first
Hey Folks, I just wanted to warn you in advance that this episode of Then Is Now’s 13 Days of
For our third 13 Days of Hallowtober 2022 podcaster extraordinaire, Rod Barnett, joins me and we discuss the spooky lesbian
On our second installment of the 2022 13 Days of Hallowtober, My-Kill joins me along with Patsy the Angry Nerd
Today is the day!! Welcome to our yearly Then Is Now Podcast event: 13 Days of Hallowtober! This year’s theme