Horror Double Feature issue #1  Monsterology by B. Clay Moore & Ryan Browne and Kid Cthulhu by Sean Dove

Review Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Just for the record, Four Star Studios is not paying us, Horror Haven, to review their work although we will accept sketches and original art as “gifts.”  Horror Double Feature is the second Double Feature comic from Four Star Studios and is a great second helping like another plate of turkey at Thanksgiving.  So down load the Double Feature App and fork over $.99 and Bon Appetit.  If you missed it we did a review earlier this week for Action Double Feature.

The first feature Monsterology is written by B. Clay Moore with art & letters by Ryan Browne.  This is a fun story that is a big fun action piece following the adventures of Colonel Robert “Cannonball” Kennard and Doctor Curtis Lacy as they track, catalogue and eliminate the supernatural/monsters.  What makes this pair work is that Doctor Lacy plays the straight man to Colonel Kennard’s man of action.  The two are on the case of a giant monster that has left a path of destruction through a city.  When they arrive at the scene, the giant monster appears to be dead.  Upon closer investigation, the monster is not what it appears to be and is very much alive leading Colonel Kennard to leap into action.  He takes care of the  monster but not without getting dirty, very dirty.  Moore handles the writing chores and the man knows how to get you into a comic in only eight pages.  Browne is the artist, and it is very clear that he loves to draw monsters and is having fun doing it.  Definitely looking forward to the next part of this story.

The second feature Kid Cthulhu is written & drawn by Sean Dove with letters by Crank.  Nic is just an ordinary kid in West Arkham, Massachusetts and doing what most kids his age do like visit creepy farms.  Nic finds himself at the Gardner farm investigating creepy goings-on and there is creepy a plenty.  Mr. Gardner tells Nic of the meteor that fell to the ground and killed off his crops.  It doesn’t take long for the situation to go from bad to worst as Mr. Gardner is killed by an invisible assailant forcing Nic to turn into Kid Cthulhu, the magic-powered superhero.  Taking care of the invisible monster with ease, Kid Cthulhu turns back to Nic and makes his way to the sock hop or whatever the kids are calling it these days.  The last panel, and a favorite of the Horror Haven’s, is of the big bad of the story, a large Cthulhu monster and a shadowy figure.  Dove is an H.P. Lovecraft fan, and it shows from his mix of outer space elements (meteor) and invisible monsters (Dunwhich Horror) to name just a few.  The only bit of criticism is of the art which seemed a bit rushed in places, especially the ending scene, where Nic rides off on his scooter.

Horror Double Feature is a great story that will scratch that digital horror itch.

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