Jupiter Media is Here!

What started with HorrorHaven.com and The Fright Channel has evolved into Jupiter Media! Don’t worry, fans of both will find a lot of the original content from Horror Haven, as well as the eventual coming of the new Fright Channel!

We are starting with our network of Haven Podcasts including: Then Is Now, The East Meets the West, and Cinema Enigmatico.  We will also be continuing our blogs: Then Is Now and fan favorite Ed Davis’ Monsters & Memories!!  We’ll also be bringing back news and reviews and all the fun stuff that fans of Horror Haven came to love!

There’s also the Facebook Pages: Insomniac Drive-In and Retro-TV Guide Ads! And don’t forget our classic features: The History of Boston Horror TV and the History of Creature Double Feature! But wait, there’s more! We’ll be posting the original Then Is Now TV show as well as Fright Channel video clips and more!

So stay tuned as Jupiter Media brings you fun, information, and entertainment!!

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