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What started with HorrorHaven.com and The Fright Channel has evolved into Jupiter Media! Don’t worry, fans of both will find a lot of the original content from Horror Haven, as well as the eventual coming of the new Fright Channel!

We are starting with our network of Haven Podcasts including: Then Is Now, The East Meets the West, and Cinema Enigmatico.  We will also be continuing our blogs: Then Is Now and fan favorite Ed Davis’ Monsters & Memories!!  We’ll also be bringing back news and reviews and all the fun stuff that fans of Horror Haven came to love!

There’s also the Facebook Pages: Insomniac Drive-In and Retro-TV Guide Ads! And don’t forget our classic features: The History of Boston Horror TV and the History of Creature Double Feature! But wait, there’s more! We’ll be posting the original Then Is Now TV show as well as Fright Channel video clips and more!

So stay tuned as Jupiter Media brings you fun, information, and entertainment!!

Most Recent Blogs and Posts

Finally! The long awaited episode 20 of The East Meets the West has arrived!! Patsy the Angry Nerd and Re-Gor
On this episode Robert Monell and Re-Gor discuss three excellent slasher films: Bay of Blood (1971), The Mutilator (1984), and
Welcome to our first episode of 2023! Sorry for such a long delay, folks! On this episode we’ve got the
Happy New Year, everyone!! This episode is the last of 2022 and was supposed to be released before the end
Today we have an overview of Spanish horror director Jess Franco’s film career, and we’ll bring up some of our
This year, Then Is Now Podcast is proud to cover the paranormal and horror convention, Salem Paracon which will be
Scott SA Bradley of Hellbent for Horror, John Grace from the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast, and frequent guest co-hosts Spency
A truly underrated film, Near Dark from 1987 is the second to last subject in our 2022 13 Days of
On this episode of The Cult Movie Lounge, award winning blogger Robert Monell and I dive into Werewolf movies just
John Grace from Midnight Movie Cowboys returns to talk about another Hong Kong vampire film – a complete Robocop rip-off
Ashes and Patsy the Angry Nerd return to our 2022 event, 13 Days of Hallowtober, to discuss another fun vampire
In this episode of our 2022 13 Days of Hallowtober special we cover a film and its remake: Fright Night!
Mexican horror expert and member of The B-Movie Cast, Juan Ortiz, is back as we delve into another Mexican vampire
“Cool people never die.” That’s the apt tag line from the film Only Lovers Left Alive from 2014, which is
Get ready to sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, and never die as Spency and My-Kill join
Juan Ortiz from The B-Movie Cast joins me as we go south of the border and delve into the first
Hey Folks, I just wanted to warn you in advance that this episode of Then Is Now’s 13 Days of
For our third 13 Days of Hallowtober 2022 podcaster extraordinaire, Rod Barnett, joins me and we discuss the spooky lesbian
On our second installment of the 2022 13 Days of Hallowtober, My-Kill joins me along with Patsy the Angry Nerd
Today is the day!! Welcome to our yearly Then Is Now Podcast event: 13 Days of Hallowtober! This year’s theme
Our guest today is Dantes Alexander also known as the Prince Regent of EDM – or Electronic Dance Music! We
The official first episode of The Cult Movie Lounge starts off with a bang! Hosts Re-Gor and Robert Monell discuss
We present to you a new series-within-the-series called Pop Culture Chat. Re-Gor and guest co-hosts Spency, My-Kill and Justin Cooper
George and Gene from the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama are back, and they’re going to tell us about their upcoming September
Hi folks! So, in order to show you just what you're missing if you don't subscribe to our Patreon page,
Hey folks! We’re announcing a new podcast, The Cult Movie Lounge! Hosts Re-Gor and award-winning blogger, Robert Monell, have come
On today’s show, we have a special guest who is a British actress that’s perhaps best known for her appearances
Then Is Now Episode 100 Dr Phibes Rises Again 50th anniversary
It’s finally here, the 100th episode of Then Is Now Podcast!! It's time to wind up the Dr. Phibes Clockwork
On today’s special video episode, our good friend David Misch -- writer of such classic TV shows as Mork &
We’re back after a bit of a hiatus! On today’s show, Re-Gor and Patsy discuss the Shaw Brothers film Sword
Okay folks, we apologize for being behind on getting Then Is Now out in a timely manner, but we’re back!
Howard Johnson’s was a major staple of America’s Pop Culture from the late 1920’s until the early 2010s. When it
On this episode, Then Is Now dives into the world of the paranormal with our amazing guest, Colleen Costello the
Flying solo again, I had the good fortune of interviewing the cast and creators of a new, independent horror film
After an unplanned hiatus, we’re back with more Shaw Brothers and Spaghetti Western goodness!!! On this episode, Patsy the Angry
For 25 years, Kansas Public Radio’s amazing show, The Retro Cocktail Hour, has been the home of Space Age Pop
Our 2nd show this week brings back George and Gene, to discuss this year’s April Ghoul’s Drive-In Monster-Rama!! They’ve got
April of 2022 is chock full of awesome events!! This week, we are going to release 3 episodes covering some
We've restructured our Patreon to one tier at $3! The price of a cup of coffee! Help support the show
In this episode, actor Hunter Redfern joins us to talk about the upcoming found-footage horror film that he’s starring in,
In our next installment that helps introduce people to Horror Films, Chris and I and special guest host Spency leap
Our special guest today is filmmaker Bobby Canipe Jr, whose forthcoming documentary, “Mom n' Pop: The Indie Video Store Boom
Join us for part 2 of our awesome interview with actor Paul Taylor who was really candid with us and
We’re back!! Sorry for the delay! Patsy and I discuss Legend of the Fox from 1980 and The Big Gundown
Chris and I had the good fortune to interview the amazing actor, Paul Taylor, who is best known for his
Spency returns to join Chris and I for part 3 of our Universal Frankenstein series!! Today we discuss House of
As Chris and I continue on our Universal Primer, we cover The Wolf Man (1941), The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942),
We are back with the first episode of 2022! We hit the ground running with an interview with Gary James
Merry Christmas, everyone!! In our final episode for 2021, Chris and I continue our series about helping folks get someone
On today’s episode, Chris and I have a discussion about films and TV shows that we’re watching and have a
Chris and I get things going as we discuss the Rhode Island ComiCon 2021, recent Pop Culture News, and present
In part 2 of our awesome interview with Podcaster and author SA Bradley is upon us!! We talk about everything
Filmmaker Chris Esper is on board for his first episode as permanent co-host! Today we interview podcaster/author SA Bradley, whose
Patsy and I return to our regular format as we delve back into the Venom films and a Bud Spencer
Happy Halloween 2021, everyone!!! The 13th episode of our special series, 13 Days of Hallowtober, is upon us! This was our
John Grace, from the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast, returns! He previously joined us on the Kung Fu Zombies episode as
Today, I am joined by the masterminds behind Pennsylvania’s Drive-In Super Monster-Rama and the April Ghoul’s Drive-In Monster-Rama, both held
Patsy the Angry Nerd and Spency are back for more as we tackle the 2006 British Zombie Comedy (or Zombedy)
Amateur animator, filmmaker hobbyist, and monster movie/bad film historian, Mark Bailey joins me today as we continue our dive into
For those who haven’t been following, we are in the middle of our yearly event called 13 Days of Hallowtober.
John Grace, host of the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast joins me for a discussion of a delightfully silly and fun
Spency and Patsy the Angry Nerd return yet again for a great Zombie comedy from 2006, Fido, starring comedian Billy
My co-host on this episode, Rod Barnett, had previously joined me on episode 52, in which we discussed the Polizziotechi
On this episode, we’re going to do something a little different. Rather than cover a particular film, we are going
13 Days of Hallowtober rolls on as we have been examining post-Night of the Living Dead zombie films! Today I
Last episode was part 2 of our Primer on Shaw Brothers films and Spaghetti Westerns. Today, we break our usual
As we continue our journey of discussing zombie films made after and sometimes inspired by George Romero’s Night of the
Welcome to the first episode of our yearly event called 13 Days of Hallowtober. Every October, for the last 13
Every year, for the last 13 days of October, Then Is Now Podcast posts an episode a day! Last year's
In previous episodes, we’ve discussed Exploitation films, which are films intended to attract an audience by means of its sensationalist
For those of us who grew up, pretty much from the 1950s to the 1990s, Newspapers carried ads for movies,
In April, I had the good fortune to attend the APRIL GHOULS DRIVE-IN MONSTER-RAMA at The Riverside Drive In Theatre
As we often like to discuss things that have gone away from our pop culture, some things haven’t gone away.
Welcome to the latest episode of the now Award Winning Show, The East Meets the West! We won Best Long
Well, we had Then Is Now’s first LIVE VIDEO on Thursday, September 16th, 2021. Aside from a Facebook glitch, it
We had Then Is Now’s first LIVE VIDEO on Thursday, September 16th, 2021. We streamed live on Facebook and YouTube,
Join us for our first live Video Special! Thursday 9/16 at 8pm EST. Co-Host Chris Esper and I will be
One of the best representatives of the American family in the 1950s was the Cleaver household, as portrayed on the
A zillion thank yous go out to Amalga-Mania and all those involved for the amazing honor of Best Long Form
Horror has been with us since the dawn of mankind in various forms over the years, and while horror movies
Former child star, the iconic and legendary Johnny Whitaker joins us today! One of my childhood idols, Johnny is most
Welcome to our first, Special Mini-Episode! Recently, Haven Podcasts had the good fortune to be able to sponsor “The Lost
General Hospital is an amazing daytime drama, or soap opera, that has been on the air since April 1st, 1963.
The star of the original Night of the Living Dead, Judith O’Dea, joins us today as we dive into her
Here on Then Is Now, we strive to discuss pop culture of the past (THEN) and how it relates to
This episode is not going to be our usual one in which we take a deep dive first into a
While soap operas are dwindling, they haven’t fully disappeared from our collective zeitgeist, and the ones that are surviving are
My special guest on this episode is the amazing podcaster Rod Barnett host of both the Naschycast and The Bloody
Dedee Pfeiffer is an incredible actress who has been in movies and TV shows since 1985. She’s been in a
Then Is Now turns 50! Episode 50, that is! On today’s show we are doing a wrap-up of the Abominable
We continue to dive further into the Venom Mob films of the Shaw Brothers, and Terence Hill’s Spaghetti Western legacy.
As we continue to introduce the next generation to all the cool stuff they may have missed out on, there
Rebel Without a Cause (1955), starring the iconic and legendary James Dean, is a classic film that everyone MUST see!
While science fiction has never left our pop culture, there are many science fiction films, TV shows, and books from
On today’s episode, Patsy the Angry Nerd and I discuss a couple of really good ones: 2 Champions of Shaolin
The 50th anniversary of the Horror Classic, The Abominable Dr Phibes is upon us, and so is the Phibes 50th
Arriving this week on VOD and streaming services is the new Thriller called Painkiller, directed by Mark Savage and written
We’ve discussed Drive-In Theaters in the past, and while many indoor movie theaters have closed down because of Covid-19, the
While the whole pandemic thing in 2020 closed a lot of businesses down, the Drive-in Theater had a resurgence! My
As we’ve discussed on the show, comic books and superheroes are a part of our pop culture that have never