Haven’t been to the comic shop yet?  Here are a couple of must buys

Comic Book Quickies 6/29/11

Creepy #6  Writer: Joe R. Lansdale , Alice Henderson, Christopher A. Taylor Penciller: Jason Shawn Alexander, Nathan Fox Cover Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander Published by Dark Horse Comics, Retail Price $4.99

Darkhorse has brought us another installment of the recently resurrected classic anthology series CREEPY. 
From the narrator to the various monsters in this book it will send shivers down your spine and have you checking under your bed.  The book starts off with a very unnerving clown story that will make you shift in your seat.  Clown stories in the world of horror are very clichéd but not this one, think more on the lines of an axe wielding clown who is in the service of God, well sort of.  The rest of the stories range from the Old West to Nazi’s to brain swapping and all are very, very, very CREEPY!!!!!

The Goon issue #34 by Eric Powell, Published by Dark Horse Comics, Retail Price $3.50

The Goon is back!!!  Even though it’s been awhile we’re happy to see that the book is back and on a bimonthly schedule, hey six issues of the Goon a year is better than no Goon at all.  This issue starts off with a slightly cathartic moment in which The Goon kicks the shit out of a group of “sparkly” vampires who amazingly resemble the cast of a certain tween vampire movie franchise.  From here the Goon plays a sort of back seat but shows up in the end to save the day.  The main part of the story takes place at the McGreg’s Home for Illegitimate, Wayward and Possible Homicidal Youth when a new girl shows up and is even more than the weird/strange kids of McGreg home can handle.


The Sixth Gun Issue #12 Written by Cullen Bunn, Illustrated by Brian Hurtt, Colored by Douglas E. Sherwood, Published by Oni Press, Retail Price $3.99

Stop us if you heard this one… A Priest, a young lady and a Mummy got onto a train that is carrying the body of a dead Civil War General.  Sound like the set up of a bad joke but it’s more like the set up of the latest and action packed issue of the Sixth Gun.  Sinclair and Becky Montcrief are on a train with the Body General Hume and on a crash course with evil.  A group of recently dead Outlaws are reanimated in the service of an agent hired by the Widow Hume oh and throw a Mummy in the mix just for good measure.   This issue has a quick intro to fill in new readers and is easy to follow along.