It was a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend for #1 Thor and #2 Fast Five but new releases #3 Jumping the Broom and #4 Something Borrowed snatched up a bit of the box office.  Guessing not every mom wants to watch the god of thunder wielding the Mjölnir or Vin Diesel/Paul Walker/Tyrese Gibson/Ludacris/Dwayne Johnson speeding in cars (wait, are these euphemisms?) on their special day.

Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth in the title role, brought down the hammer to be #1 with a weekend gross of $66 million, reaching the industry’s projected numbers for the Marvel superhero.  The numbers were not as impressive as Fast Five in its opening weekend (over $86 million) and neither was its international weekend box office as Thor and Fast Five switched box office spots ($46 million and $87 million, respectively).  With about two-thirds of the audience being men (surprise!), Thor will have to use his brawn to draw in the women before the onslaught of other summer movies.

In it’s sixth week, James Wan’s Insidious dropped out of the top ten to #11 from #8 with $1.324 million.  This weekend’s gross is short of the film’s budget of $1.5 million but no fear as the total gross is at $50.304 million.  Now that is impressive! Just imagine the DVD sales and rentals…

Scream 4, Battle: Los Angeles and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night were but a very faint blimp on the radar with less than a million total between the three films.  In only its second week, Dylan Dog plummeted 87.4% to an unrespectable $95,100.

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