Supernatural:  Episode 21 – “Let It Bleed” and Episode 22 – “The Man Who Knew Too Much (The CW starting at 8/7c)  Starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver and Misha Collins

This week, Supernatural fans (including the staff of Horror Haven) will be treated to a double helping of the Winchester brothers.  The two hour time slot is for both the 21st episode and the season finale, and not a two hour season finale (the second to last episode of the season did not air last week due to the Smallville series finale).  With the show moving into its seventh season next fall, this back-to-back schedule is a nice send-off for the summer and for the fans to get one last chuck of Supernatural.  This season has had many a twists and turns, and broke from the traditional season long story arc especially for a season with a quite a few plot threads.  It leads us to believe that these plot threads will not be tied up by the end of the second hour but be left dangling for us to anguish over all summer.  Come fall, it will get us to come back for the next season of Supernatural.

Let it Bleed  Directed by Sera Gamble and Written by John Showalter

This episode marks the return of Ben (Nicholas Elia) and Lisa (Cindy Sampson) but it’s not a happy reunion for Dean and his other family.  The former surrogate son and girlfriend are kidnapped by a demon and from the episode’s trailer, it looks like someone is being used as a meat suit.  To save Ben and Lisa, Sam and Dean are forced into an uneasy alliance with a force that may be the only one to help them.

“The Man Who Knew Too Much”  Directed by Robert Singer and Written by Eric Kripke (creator)

Walls are usually not meant to fall (with the exception of the Berlin Wall) as they are meant to keep someone (or something) out but in the case of Sam Winchester, its meant to keep things from getting in.  With pun firmly intended, all hell breaks loose as Sam’s mental wall crumbles and this time when they turn to Bobby for help, he’s at a loss.  If Sam’s condition wasn’t enough, the war for Heaven wages on and the earthly plain is stuck in the warzone.

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