Smallville: Two-Hour Series Finale

Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

It is believed that people who watch Smallville fall into either of two camps;  the first is the ‘you don’t know why you’re still watching Smallville’ camp and the second is the ‘you are contractually obligated to still watch Smallville’ camp.  A third camp exists which is the ‘still watches Smallville and enjoys the rollercoaster ride of a show with its ups and downs’ camp.  Whatever the reason may be for you, this is the end of a show that ran the length of many peoples’ lives from adolescence to adulthood so it is very much a part of growing up with Clark and the gang.  In the end, there will be a payoff that most have been looking forward too from Day 1 and more specifically, four major events.

The biggest event, and most talked about, is seeing Clark don the iconic red and blue.  The rumors are aswirl that the very last scene of the finale will be Clark putting on the Superman costume and flying off.  Another much anticipated event audiences are waiting for is the return of Lex Luthor, played by the most excellent Michael Rosenbaum.  All of the aforementioned events plus the final showdown between the almost nonexistent foil for the season, Darkseid, will resolve themselves by Friday night.  Clark will square away with Darkseid but without the help of his cousin Kara, who is off the grid and in the future with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and Green Arrow, who is under the influence of Darkseid.  This is an ending long in coming especially in this up and down final season.  There have been highs with the introduction of Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Deathstroke, and there have been lows with episodes “The Harvest” and “Dominion.”

What will try to fill the void of Smallville when the red curtain closes for the last time is unclear, leaving many to speculate on ongoing rumors.  Over the ten seasons, there were numerous attempts to spinoff the show from the shelved Aquaman pilot (starring Justin Hartley who went on to be a series regular playing Green Arrow) to the Green Arrow which seemed like a winner with the creation of a cellphone-based game starring the emerald archer.  A favorite of The Fright Channel’s would be a blue and gold spinoff starring Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.  It was largely speculated and based on two things; one being the huge effort of Geoff Johns teasing the San Diego Comic Con crowd last year with test footage of Jamie Reyes transforming into the Blue Beetle.  The second was the introduction of new characters like Booster Gold with only a handful of episodes left in the series that perplexes even the best of us.  Lastly, the much talked about Metropolis spinoff of Clark as Superman seems a bit farfetched since Tom Welling has played the role of Clark for ten years.  Would he be willing to play the character for another decade?  Hopefully (fingers crossed), the massive payoff for the scores of Smallville fans who have been watching the show since its inception will play out in the series finale.

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