Audiences are thinking…thinking like a man.  Think Like a Man braved men, women and four new but very different films, including Safe, to be #1 again at the weekend box office.  The Tim Story-directed movie grossed $17.604 million, adding to the comedy’s total domestic gross of $60.472 million (it will be released overseas throughout the summer, starting in June).  Think Like a Man‘s current domestic total is five times the movie’s production budget of $12 million.

Aardman Animations’ The Pirates! Band of Misfits plundered the high seas and the box office of $11.137 million.  Voiced by the likes of Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek, David Tennant, Jeremy Piven and Martin Freeman, the family adventure film, which used stop motion clay animation, screened at 3,317 theaters to land at #2.  Based on Gideon Defoe’s The Pirates! series, the movie also known as The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists has earned $63.6 million since premiering at international theaters in March.

Joining in on the top five are a veteran, rookie and newcomer, respectively.  The Hunger Games, The Lucky One and The Five-Year Engagement fought on $10 million ground with sci-fi trumping romance.  #3 The Hunger Games won with $10.814 million, a mere -26.3 % change, over #4 The Lucky One‘s $10.808 million and #5 The Five-Year Engagement‘s $10.61 million.  As the only movie with more than three weekends at the box office, this six-weekend veteran has risen on the All Time Box Office ranks; it is #17 with a domestic gross of $372.019 million and #65 with a gross of $600.519 million worldwide.

John Cusack’s The Raven flew in at a disappointing #7 with $7.289 million, just $600,000 shy of besting Jason Statham’s Safe.  The Edgar Allen Poe-inspired mystery-thriller screened at 2,203 theaters which is just twelve less than Think Like a Man.  Internationally, the movie grossed $3.558 million from seven countries, including Italy, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Thailand.

The Cabin in the Woods is at the edge of the weekend box office woods at #10.  The horror-thriller grossed $4.619 million domestic over the weekend and is now at $34.783 million total domestic.  Writer/Director Joss Whedon and actor Chris Hemsworth will no doubt be seeing much different results next weekend when they re-enter the top ten at #1 with The Avengers.

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