April Fool’s Weekend to Wrath of the Titans and Mirror, Mirror!  The Hunger Games pranked the premieres and the rest of the movies of the weekend as they didn’t survive the box office game against Katniss and the tributes of Panem.  The one, two, three punch were followed by box office superstars #4 21 Jump Street ($14.83 million) and #5 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax ($7.784 million).  The $115.082 million worldwide gross for 21 Jump Street is nearly triple its production budget of $42 million while The Lorax‘s $227.032 million surpassed the triple mark over its $70 million budget.

After a record-breaking debut high, #1 The Hunger Games fell into a high of the weekend -61.6% sophomore slump.  Fortunately, that slump was a second weekend gross of $58.551 million for the sci-fi movie filled with action and drama.  The Hunger Games, which is now the highest grossing film of 2012, stayed at the top with no additions or subtractions of screens in theaters, only adding to its worldwide gross of $362.383 million (total domestic – $248.483 million, total foreign – $113.9 million).

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest fantasy of the weekend box office?”  The mirror and audiences replied with Wrath of the Titans as the action-fantasy fought to win second place over Mirror, Mirror, who entered the box office at a distant #3.  Though Wrath was #2, it was the sequel slump to 2010’s Clash of the Titans since the $150 million movie earned $33.457 million, half of Clash‘s opening of $61.235 million.  Hopefully, the international box office will offset the domestic numbers as it did with the original.  Even with 88 more theaters screens, the cast of Julia Roberts (The Queen), Lily Collins (Snow White) and Armie Hammer (Prince Alcott) in the adventure-comedy Mirror, Mirror was overshadowed by Wrath.  The $85 million movie grossed $18.132 million domestically and $11.873 million in limited international release.

John Carter continued its descent from #4 to #6 in its fourth weekend, grossing only $2.029 million at 2,397 theaters.  The current domestic total of $66.233 million is boosted by the $188.3 million from foreign screens, which is just enough to reach the $250 million production budget and nothing more.

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